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getting started

  1. Do not tell another user your size and don’t ask another user for his size.
  2. You can compare in two ways on CSC:
  3. Your pics and measurements are only visible to guys you’ve compared with.
    More details
  4. “Manhood” is your score on CSC. Get manhood by:
    • Uploading pics (here’s the criteria for impress pics),
    • Winning manhood in a cock size contest with another user,
    • Doing a realtime compare—both the winner and the loser of a realtime compare receive a bonus of 5000 manhood, or
    • Resetting your score to 100 manhood with a donation of $20 USD
  5. Every compare must have at least 1 manhood at stake. A side bet can also be specified, e.g. you may require that the loser of a bet submit a particular kind of photograph to the trophy gallery.
  6. Internet Explorer is not supported on this site.

how can i change my size?

  • If you have not yet uploaded a bulge pic, send a message to the site admin, and he will change it for you
  • If you have already uploaded a bulge pic, you will need to upload a measured length and girth pic showing your legit size to have your size changed.

what are the rules?

  1. Do not reveal your own size, or another user’s size, directly or indirectly, until an official compare is complete. This includes sending measurements or photos from CSC to other users, posting images from CSC to any other site, or sending measurements or photos by any means—which includes but is not limited to email and text message.
  2. Your size may be adjusted at the site admin’s discretion
  3. Your pics must be pics of yourself, and they must be original—they cannot be posted to any other site
  4. Don’t advertise for other sites or products or anything on here
  5. Only sign up for one account
  6. Don’t use the site if you’re underage (< 18)
  7. I (admin) reserve the right to make up new rules anytime or to delete accounts or to shut down the whole damn site if I see fit.

Also see the Terms of Use and Code of Conduct.

reality check

Your value as a human being doesn’t come from your cock size or your sexual conquests. This site is here just to be a bit of exhibitionist and roleplaying fun. It’s fun to play the part of the cocky dude who likes to have the big swinging dick, but in the end, CSC is just a game.

It’s actually our hope that just by letting guys see where they stack up in terms of dick size, and by having a bit of (admittedly immature) fun in making a game of a cock size contest, that this will help guys to see through, and laugh at, some of our culture’s unhealthy beliefs around masculinity.

Bottom line: If you can’t separate fantasy from reality—if you actually, seriously, non-ironically believe that the size of your cock relative to others’ determines your value as a human being—this is not the site for you.

what does it mean when a profile says that a user has an unfulfilled side bet?

If you put anything in the “side bet” field for a comparison and lose, an unfulfilled side bet is added to your account. You can view a list of your side bets here.

There are two ways that a side bet can leave your “unfulfilled” list:

  1. The winner of the bet can mark it as having been completed
  2. If the winner of the bet hasn’t signed on for the last month, the side bet is taken down from your list

what are the restrictions on side-bets and the content of trophy / impress / realtime pics?

Side-bets and pics that do not conform to the following rules will be removed at the discretion of the admin.

  • Nothing involving minors
  • No pics of a 3rd party (e.g. do not suggest “I’ll send you a naked pic of my girlfriend”—we have no way of verifying that the pic is your girlfriend, or whether she knows or consents to this)
  • Nothing racist or sexist (e.g. making the loser wear women’s clothing would count as “sexist” because it implies that being a woman or being trans is a punishment of some kind)
  • No photographs of clearly illegal acts (e.g. setting fire to a building)
  • Sex acts are okay
  • No scat
  • No close-up pics of your asshole, please
  • Do not give your password for CSC or other sites / services
  • Nothing involving permanent bodily harm / cutting / etc.
  • Faces are encouraged, but identifying documents, like scans of credit cards, passports, etc. are not allowed
  • “Loser donates to CSC” is acceptable, but only if both users fully understand and are okay with the level of risk associated with an online dick size compare

how do i donate to csc?

CSC can accept bitcoin payments only. If you do donate to CSC, you will receive these benefits.