The point of CSC is to enable guys to compare their cocks, and to maintain a relatively high level of uncertainty before the comparison, which is what makes a comparison exciting.

CSC has been set up in such a way that this is possible—this is why you can’t see a user’s pics or size before comparing—but it also requires a certain amount of cooperation on the part of site users in order for it to work.

You may get away with breaking some or all of the following, but you will be undermining the spirit of CSC and making it less fun for everyone.

  1. You will abide by all the rules as listed on the FAQ and in the Terms of Use.
  2. Racist and other hate-speech will not be tolerated.
    • This includes communicating using racial slurs, even in private.
    • You will not suggest that having a small cock makes someone “like a woman,” or use wearing women’s clothing as a side-bet to humiliate someone, for example. We do not tolerate misogyny here.
    • LGBTQ etc. identities should feel safe on CSC. This means that regardless of a person’s gender identity, everyone who has a cock and an interest in comparing it is welcome here. This also means that homophobic slurs (e.g. “faggot”) are not welcome.
  3. Behavior that undermines other users’ ability to enjoy CSC is not welcome. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Revealing other users’ sizes, directly or indirectly, or who beat who, or how many times a user has lost.
    • Distributing pics or links to pics of other CSC users without their permission, whether or not they reveal the user’s size.
    • Doing or saying something that discourages other users from comparing (either in general, or with a particular user). Don’t even say “be careful about comparing with him.”
    • Failing to respect when another user declines to compare with you (every user has the right to refuse to compare)
    • Posting disparaging comments about CSC on the site feed. (E.g. “this site sucks. i’m bored.”)
    • Claiming that the reason a pic was rejected or taken down was due to “bias,” “politics,” or anything other than the reason listed on the rejection page.
    • Submitting edited photos.
    • Re-submitting pics that have already been rejected in an attempt to brute-force them through the moderation process.
    • Submitting a photo for a realtime comparison that has not occurred.
    • Accepting a realtime comparison from a user with whom you have not actually done an in-person comparison.
    • Requesting payment for comparisons.
    • You will make an honest effort to appear at the agreed-upon place and time for all realtime comparisons that you set up with other users. If you need to cancel, you will contact the other user in advance. It is not acceptable for any reason to waste another user’s time by setting up a realtime and then intentionally “ghosting.”
  4. If you decide to leave the site:
    • You will not post your exact size on the site feed or anywhere else. This may ruin comparisons for other users.
    • You will not give away all your manhood, or the bulk of your manhood to another user in a comparison. This makes the game less fun for others.
  5. You will not use CSC as a directory for cam comparisons.
    • It is considered a violation of this code to fish for users’ contact information (Skype, email, etc.) without having the intention to make an effort to have your account verified.
    • You may trade contact information after your account is verified.
  6. You will not save to your computer or phone any pics from other users who are on CSC, and you will not distribute direct links to photos hosted on CSC by any means.
  7. You will not complain about another user’s pics, except through the “report this pic” button.
    • You will not post on the site feed to complain about a user’s pic. You will report the pic(s) with the button provided only.
    • You will not demand that the admin approve your pic on the basis that “another user’s pics are worse.” You will report the pic(s) with the button provided only.
    • You will not close your account and write in the reason for leaving that other pics were not satisfactory, unless you report the offending pic(s) with the button provided first.
  8. You will not systematically record other users’ data, or make any attempt to determine another user’s size or win/loss record. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Keeping a spreadsheet of who has beaten whom, or how many points were awarded for a length / girth pic, in order to better estimate another user’s size. This is cheating, and it is contrary to the spirit of the site.
    • Scrolling back in the site feed, specifically looking for a particular user’s wins and losses.
    • Recording one’s own physical position in three or more places as well as the relative distance to different users in an attempt to triangulate their exact location.
  9. You will not attempt to gain access to the site’s admin tools, or any other user’s account.
  10. You will not modify your pics in any way before submission, or use any photographic or digital editing technique to try to deceive others into thinking you are bigger.
  11. You will enter into side bets in good faith. This means:
    • You will only enter into side-bets that you are prepared to honor fully. You will not renege on your side bets, and you will fulfill them in a timely manner.
    • If not otherwise explicitly stated, a one-week deadline is the standard grace period for a trophy pic.
    • If you demonstrably renege on a side bet, the admin reserves the right to close your account. By “demonstrably,” I mean something like agreeing to tip a particular feed item if you lose, and failing to do so, or agreeing to post a trophy pic and never posting it—something where a user can prove his case using only items from the site feed.
    • As best you can, you will ensure that the other user understands the meaning of your side bet, and you will not use tricky wording to try to get false consent. E.g. You will not write, “Winner submits a humiliating trophy pic,” where the other user thought you meant, “Loser submits a humiliating trophy pic.”
    • You will mark side bets as complete after the loser has completed them at your first convenience.
    • If you do not mark a side bet as complete even after it is clearly done (e.g. trophy pic matching description posted), the admin reserves the right to mark it as complete for you.
  12. You will not bring serious harm to any other member of CSC.
    • You may not make side-bets that include injury or risk of injury.
    • You may not post or publish other users’ personally identifying information.
    • You may not threaten any other member of CSC, whether by posting to the site feed, or through private messages, or through any other means.

While it is impossible to directly police the actions you take on other chat programs, spreadsheets saved to your own computer, email, etc., if you are not willing to abide by the code of conduct as outlined here—not just the letter of what is written, but the spirit as well—then your behavior is not welcome on CSC.