i have more than 0 manhood, but i can’t do a compare. why not?

Check that your manhood isn’t tied up in other compares that haven’t gone through yet.

i’m out of manhood, but i want to do a compare. what do i do?

  • Make a donation and you will have the option of resetting your score to 100 manhood.
  • Upload the rest of your pics
  • Do a realtime compare—the bonus for doing a realtime is 5000 manhood, win or lose, and if you have 0 manhood, contact the admin who will give you 1 manhood to complete the compare, once he’s seen the realtime compare verification photo
  • Upload a more impressive “impress me” pic
  • Do NOT make a new account. Why?

can i do a realtime compare with a user after i have done a numbers compare?

Yes, if you really want to do a realtime compare, you can do so by sending the realtime compare photo to [email protected] Be sure to include both your user name and the other user’s name spelled correctly in the text of the email. After I have seen the photo proof, I will clear your old comparison so that you can do a realtime like normal.

why can’t i upload my pics?

  • Are you using Internet Explorer? Internet Explorer sucks balls, and it’s way too time-consuming to support it. The site works fine in Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Pick one, download it. Problem solved.
  • Are you using iOS version 5 or lower? Apple, in its wisdom, did not enable filesystem access for its browsers until version 6 of iOS.

what are the limitations on animated GIF’s for pics?

  • Don’t try to stitch together a bunch of still photos into an animation—it will suck and it will probably get rejected. Record a short video and convert that.
  • Animation must be no longer than 3.5 seconds long at 4 frames per second (14 frames total)
  • Upload your video converted to an animated GIF already (not a WMV, MOV, AVI, whatever)
  • Try to keep the file size under 2 MB, aim for around 500 pixels across
  • Need not be a square—can be a rectangle of any reasonable aspect ratio (will be cropped down if it’s way too long)

i’m having problems with another user that i can’t resolve

  1. Keep in mind, this is Cock Size Contest, where we’re all trying to have fun by role-playing as a cocky hung asshole guy, so he might just be trying to do some friendly shit-talking. See if this is the case, or if you can resolve it between yourselves.
  2. Read the Terms of Use and the Code of Conduct. If this is a matter where the other user is violating established site norms, you may need to contact @admin.
  3. If you can’t get along with the other user, there is a tool for blocking other users.

how do i delete my profile?

Mark your account for retirement in your user settings. Your profile will still be visible to other users for two weeks after you have flagged it for retirement. This is so that a malicious user doesn’t make a comparison and then close his account in order to deny the other user fair access to his pics in return.

You will not be able to sign up for another account using the same email address, even after two weeks has expired, and your retired username will not be available for others to take.

IMPORTANT: If you log on again after flagging your account for deletion, but before the two weeks expires, your account will be removed from the retirement queue and become active again. I (@admin) will NOT delete your profile faster than the two week timeframe.