the basics

All sizes on this site are in centimeters (not inches) and all measurements are hard measurements (not soft or semi). Do not pump your cock beforehand, and do not put on a cock ring.

Don’t guess: Measure.

Even though it’s easy to convert from inches to centimeters, don’t. Measure in centimeters. You’ll be less likely to do the thing where you are aiming for (and creatively rounding to) a certain “milestone” in inches.




Just so no one’s surprised after the fact, all users are required to verify their claimed size with measured length and girth pics within one week of posting their bulge pic.

When your bulge pic is uploaded and approved, that will start a one-week timer. You have one week to upload your verification pics. If the timer expires and you have not uploaded your pics, your account will be frozen. You will be able to log in when your account is frozen, but you will be unable to do anything but upload your verification pics after that point.