seriously fucking read this

  • read the faq
  • don't guess, measure
  • measure in cm (round to the nearest tenth), not inches
  • get hard, but don't vacuum-pump
  • girth is around your cock, not across
  • be honest. two reasons: 1. you'll get bored if you lie, 2. you won't be able to verify your size or meet other users to compare if you lied
  • do NOT put your dick size in your user name, or your user name will be changed for you by the admin ('nycjoe' is okay; 'nycjoe8x5' will be changed by admin)
  • photo-verification is required for all users
  • not everyone is welcome here. first, you must have a cock to be a part of a cock size contest. second, this site is not for guys who are into sph and looking to be humiliated. it is for guys who have big dicks who want to see who's the bigger man.
  • user names that are "fishing for humiliation," (e.g. 'i_have_a_small_one' or '') will also be changed at the site admin's discretion.
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