what is a team?

A team is a grouping of users by location, school, common interest, etc. A team's captain is the member who has the highest manhood score. Join a team to help guys in your area find you by your location. If you don't see your location listed here, make a new team!

You can be on as many teams as you like, so be as specific or as general as you want.

team directory

~AlphaBattle (22918 avg manhood)

A team for guys who enjoy a battle for dominance with other Alpha Cocks.

~SideBets (5103 avg manhood)

For guys who love a good side bet. Team members are encouraged to honor their bets.

~college_students (2966 avg manhood)

A team only for those of us in college.

~PrecumAficionados (3292 avg manhood)

for the discerning men who drip like a faucet or lovers of said men; whether tasting, self-sampling, or admiring the glistening salty sweet sheen of nature's lubrication

~BeautifulCocks (12450 avg manhood)

The most beautiful cocks on CSC. After applying for membership, applicants need support from fellow members to be accepted. New members are selected periodically from the list of applicants. Please have all your pics including a Soft Hang and Impress Me and have some comments from other users on your pics. Thanks for applying!

~Uncut (3927 avg manhood)

For the uncut guys of the site!

~Tinychat (10341 avg manhood)

For those that like to compare and share on Tinychat with the cocksizecontest family. Let's just use the url http://www.tinychat.com/csc. Feel free to make group announcements when you want to show or compare.

~endurance_cum_contests (2708 avg manhood)

For those who love endurance cum contests on cam or real (first one to cum loses)

~Cockfighters (4619 avg manhood)

For members who like to cockfight, going cock vs cock with other men till someone goes limp or cums!

~Under25 (4172 avg manhood)

For us young guys