what is a team?

A team is a grouping of users by location, school, common interest, etc. A team's captain is the member who has the highest manhood score. Join a team to help guys in your area find you by your location. If you don't see your location listed here, make a new team!

You can be on as many teams as you like, so be as specific or as general as you want.

team directory

~ProudToBeCircumcised (5644 avg manhood)

Our glans are always exposed and awaiting your inspection. Cocks the way they should be.

~Kikguys (6351 avg manhood)

Guys with the free messaging app kik - leave your username (eg. harrybaby4)

~germany (2724 avg manhood)

Guys from Germany

~BodyComparison (10460 avg manhood)

Man who like to compare more than there cocks!

~Straight (3395 avg manhood)

The ones who like ladies. How many of us are there ?

~Under25 (3629 avg manhood)

For us young guys

~college_students (3039 avg manhood)

A team only for those of us in college.

~WomenLovers (5820 avg manhood)

For lovers of fine females everywhere.

~BigCockLovers (4708 avg manhood)

Those whom love big donkey dicks