what is a team?

A team is a grouping of users by location, school, common interest, etc. A team's captain is the member who has the highest manhood score. Join a team to help guys in your area find you by your location. If you don't see your location listed here, make a new team!

You can be on as many teams as you like, so be as specific or as general as you want.

team directory

~TSTM (3061 avg manhood)

For those too small to matter

~balls_size_contest (3063 avg manhood)

Those who like to compare balls size https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/48/Prepubertal_and_postpubertal_testicular_size.jpg

~ballbusting (4845 avg manhood)

for guys who enjoy cbt

~GroupCamContest (3397 avg manhood)

For those who like to compare with more than just one guy. Risky sidebets are welcome to enhance the feeling of winning ;-)

~realtime_compares (8804 avg manhood)

For anyone who has, or would like a realtime compare

~Jerk-Off-Buddies (4609 avg manhood)

For those who like to hang out, relax and watch porn with a buddy and just jerk off.

~Canada (5625 avg manhood)

Showing you what Canadian cock is all about...

~PROVE_IT (9452 avg manhood)

Only for guys with genuine, both hard length and girth pics required or are out!. Sick of the bullshit. If you're that hung you won't mind providing proof!

~PleaseAlpineFuckMe (14322 avg manhood)

A team to worship Alpine's big cock!

~Foreskin_Rulez (3326 avg manhood)

Proud to sport what we were born with.. foreskin! UNCUT ROCKS!!